“Only the Avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the world.”

“Only the Avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the world.”

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“After all these years, he was still my best friend”



; w; friends feels

though there’s the whole awkward part where I assume Sozin was in love with Roku and Roku didn’t get it

and I do think it’s important to remember that a reincarnated person is not the same person just in a different body 

like they have some of the same spiritual energy but they are their own person, a unique combination of body and soul

I know this because of Trills

Oh oops, was it my tags that implied that they were the same person, because really the original post can just be read as ‘parallel! parallel parallel look at this great parallel’, and I mean, I know they’re not the same people - Sozin and Zuko particularly, of course - but I just have so many Avatar and Firelord feels, I mean dang how great are they, so I tend to exaggerate.

And yeah, there being some kind of one-sided or just misunderstood love is the only way that Roku and Sozin’s story makes any sense to me at all. >.> I really need to watch that episode again; it was beautiful, definitely one of my favourites.

(But. Dang. The Avatar being friends with the current or-one-day-will-be-Firelord! I just! Have so many feelings abou that, I have brokenhearted Roku-Sozin feels and too many Aang-Zuko feels to explain in anything less than a thousand-word essay and desperate hopes that Iroh and Korra will turn out to be utter best buddies and hang out a lot and be really fond of each other and ngh)